Who is taking my photos?

Hey there! I am Jacquie – the photographer with Boudoir by J Blue. If you don’t know me and asked someone who does, they would tell you I love the color pink, penguins, laughs a ton, and misses my daughters who live in other states Although, most might say the penguins would be listed first!

There is nothing I love more than seeing your expressions when you see your printed photos. Growing up, photos were taken for special occasions only, with the hopes that when the film was developed months later, all three of those pictures came out. Unless you were affluent, the photos in your home were those shitty school photos your parents had you take every year. You know the ones, – goofy smile, ugly clothing because of the era and our parents picked it out, or teeth missing. My children were raised the opposite. We have tons of photos frames, in collages (yes, that is outdated too), and scrapbooked into those albums.

I was never comfortable in my skin. Like most everyone else, I see my flaws and dwell on the insecurities. Just before I turned 45, I wanted to change myself, do things people would never know if I did or did not do them, and not give a shit either way. I came out of my shell – made a list of 45 things to do that were not me and go with it. To start it off, I had a poster sized photos taken of me and plastered on the sidewalk in Times Square. Yes, THE TIMES SQUARE!!! An artist was using grant money promoting a project. Not only did I have my photo taken on a poster, my photos was plastered on a jumbo-tron (along with everyone else’s photos). it was pasted onto the sidewalk of Times Square. Photos from this day are posted on my regular website, www.photosbyjblue.com under the about me section.

My own boudoir, at the age of 49, was for another photographer to help her start her boudoir business. Offering to do this for her, as long as my face did not show in her advertising. I was on a school board, Big Sister and a few other civic/non-profit boards, so I requested this. When I started the shoot, I was nervous as all hell, stiff and insecure. By the end of the shoot, I was in the groove.

My goal is to help you find your own groove and have you see your unique beauty, each and every one of you!!

No matter who you are, it does not matter your age, size, or financial status, YOU are beautiful!! So become awesome and fearless and keep browsing.